What are the benefits of hiring temporary staff?

What are the benefits of hiring temporary staff?

Being flexible and adaptable in todays business world is essential!

Having swift access to an individual that can come into your business and fill a gap, help a team achieve a deadline or solve a headcount issue – name an organisation that doesn’t need this kind of support in today’s business world.

Salaries are a, if not the major cost for many organisations. Many companies are aggressively hiring, but showing more caution in terms of just who they are willing to take on in a permanent capacity and how quickly. This is where the support of a temporary staffing recruitment service can come in to play.  

Not having to commit to long term, ongoing salary costs immediately saves organisations a lot of time, money and stress. Those aligned with temporary staffing recruitment firms such as MJD Recruitment can rely upon external support to secure and promote quality people who can add value in an ‘as needs’ basis. A vast majority of temporary jobs in Australia are placed by agencies as it is extremely efficient and convenient and allows them to focus on ‘business as usual’ matters.

Hiring freezes cant affect productivity or culture when temp support is implemented

 A headcount freeze is when an organisation must maintain the current number of full time equivalent (FTE) employees. Employers consolidate current employees and potentially look at restructuring departments to ensure the right talent is allocated in the right place. This often leaves gaps around the organisation that need to be filled.

Then what about when the unexpected happens? What about when employees are stretched as far as they can be? What about when a new project or major client is won and additional support is required? Over the years we have watched many organisations in the constraint of hiring freezes survive with the assistance of temporary staff.  

Staff are unpredictable – and that is not going to change

Your workforce is human. It has personal issues, it changes its mind, it looses motivation, it lets you down, it gets sick, it changes direction – we could go on and on. Having a temporary staffing agency that recognises the type of individuals who fit your culture, knows your people and understands your needs is invaluable when the unexpected arises. As an office support employment agency assisting with temporary needs we often provide cover for  Receptionists, Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Admin Assistants, Team Assistants, Project Coordinators, HR Assistants, Legal Secretaries and Paralegals.  

Reduce your risk of a rushed permanent hire because you need someone now

When that unexpected resignation comes in from one of your key people it can set of a panic that results in a rushed process for a permanent hire. When somebody leaves a role, time should be taken to fully review the position, its function in the business, why the last person has left the role and what will be beneficial in a future hire. None of this can be done if the feeling that a ‘bum on the seat’ is more important than the time to review.

But you can achieve both if the ‘bum on the seat’ is a quality temp that can keep the status quo going whilst an assessment is made on the future requirement. We often work on permanent recruitment assignments and place a temp in the role in the meantime, it can be an extremely successful process as we learn even more about the role and who would be the perfect fit from our temp.  

Gain a fresh perspective from people outside of your business

Many companies utilise temporary employees to bring a fresh perspective in to their organisation. For example, a corporate firm might have their Marketing Coordinator go on extended annual leave and bring in someone on a temporary basis that is from a different industry to share some new concepts. Or a Project Coordinator might be taken on in a temporary capacity who can train internal employees on new systems. When you have an existing relationship with a temp recruitment service we can assist with minimal notice.

Look after your existing people with adequate support

Particularly during the most challenging times, looking after your existing people with adequate support is going to be paramount. Temporary staff recruitment agencies can be there on hand to help out with short or long term needs – we are used to working to short deadlines and being creative to deliver efficient results. Showing your staff that you are willing to reach out and obtain additional support for them will make all the difference to their loyalty and your culture going forward.  Particularly now as burnout is rife and staff are really feeling the effects of shortages.

When it comes to office support, MJD Recruitment are trusted by many high value organisations for temporary staffing recruitment services. Contact us on 02 8042 1840 or at [email protected] to learn more about how we could assist.

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