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For clients looking for highly skilled HR professionals and candidates seeking companies that value and appreciate their HR professionals

Human Resources Recruitment

Are you an employer looking for a recruitment agency that will represent you proficiently in sourcing a Human Resources professional, one that will make a genuine difference in your business?

Are you a candidate actively or passively in the job market, looking to secure or be informed about new opportunities that would complement your existing experience in human resources?

Meet Michael Adams, MJD Recruitment’s Principal of Human Resources. More than 11 years of commercial experience, 7 in recruitment and over 4 with MJD Recruitment. Michael has achieved incredible success in his career and built an outstanding reputation as a high value recruitment specialist.

In fact, it’s our own clients who encouraged us to extend our specialist service offering to include human resources recruitment, with Michael at the helm.

Some of the roles that we specialise in include Head of HR, HR Manager, HR Generalist, HR Specialist, Employee Relations Specialist, HR Assistant, HR Coordinator, Recruitment Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager,  Talent Acquisition Specialist and Talent Acquisition Coordinator. 

MJD Recruitment have dedicated offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and service clients nationally, with extensive networks in the human resources sector. Our management team collectively boast over 60 years of recruitment experience, time spent building relationships with many human resources specialists at all levels developing trust and deep understanding of their roles.

When you recruit a human resource professional its important to assess problem solving skills, leadership & relationship building capabilities, agility, ethics, resourcefulness, the ability to be impartial & objective, trustworthy and results orientated. Michael has incredible business acumen and is highly skilled in behavioural based interviewing, allowing him to understand and interpret job briefs at all levels, as well as skillset’s, genuine motivations and the all important ‘fit’.   

Contact Michael on 0475 833 425 or email [email protected]

Michael has chosen to specialise in Human Resources recruitment as he has built an incredible affiliation and understanding of these professionals in his 7 plus years in recruitment. Michael has held a front row seat in to many human resource teams and understands the impact having the right HR representation can have on a business.  

What We Know About HR Professional Recruitment

Similarly to when our office support experts recruit an Executive Assistant, we find that assessing emotional intelligence and ‘fit’ is vital when it comes to HR. An EA needs to ‘fit’ with an Executive and a HR professional needs to ‘fit’ with a culture.

For Clients

Seeking The Perfect Human Resources Professional

We dedicate time and resources in to ensuring we are across the ‘best of the best’ in terms of human resources professionals. MJD Recruitment have been in operation for over 9 years representing specialist, mid and large organisations right across Australia. Through these endeavours we find ourselves liaising intimately with human resource professionals at all levels, which only expands our network and expertise.

Remember your candidate experience starts with the recruitment agency representing you and receiving professional and knowledgeable representation from experienced, mature Consultants, builds immediate trust and respect for your brand.

We are incredibly proud to be working with some of Australia’s top tier firms and respected organisations who regard our invaluable insight and real market knowledge when hiring human resource professionals. A large proportion of the clients that we work with are a result of personal recommendations from existing business and career partners. Many of the human resource professionals that we liaise with as candidates, become clients after experiencing our service, whether we place them in a role or not.

For Candidates

Seeking The Ideal Human Resources professional job

Working alongside a human resources professional, supporting them with a matter as important as their career, is a genuine privilege and one that we take seriously – but we also endeavour to ensure that there is an element of enjoyment in the process too.

We have long standing relationships with employer of choice style organisations and 60 years of collective recruitment knowledge, that you as a human resources professional will respect and feel comfortable with. We are known for our confidential and proactive introductions on behalf of our human resource professional candidates, we don’t wait around for a role to be called in, we professionally & confidentially source suitable opportunities with existing & new prospects.

Our human resource candidate networks are first to hear about new opportunities before they go to advertising stage, keeping our valued candidates ahead of competition.

HR professional candidates can be assured that we truly understand their roles, the challenges they experience and the needs that they have. Many of our clients are HR professionals, with whom we have in-depth knowledge of and trusted business relationships with.

What We Understand About HR Professionals

Quality Human Resource professionals like to feel as though they have a voice amongst leadership teams, ensuring they can improve and impact the workplace they represent.

How MJD HR can add value to your business

  • Upon engaging MJD HR Recruitment you unlock the door to our renowned human resource network, nurtured and developed by our Principal Michael and our managment team, for over 60+ years
  • We are proud to say that many of our elite human resource specialist candidates work exclusively with the MJD HR team
  • Yes we assess skillset and capability, but most importantly we are recognised for putting just as much emphasis on ‘fit’. An EA needs to fit with an Executive and a HR Professional needs to fit with a culture 
  • Our 600+ independent reviews rate at 4.95/5 and our 248 Google reviews rate at 4.9
  •  Dedicated offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane allow us to expertly expand and nurture our networks servicing clients across Australia
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