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Personal Assistant Recruitment

Are you a candidate actively or passively in the job market, looking to secure or be informed about new opportunities that would complement your experience as a Personal Assistant (PA)? Are you an employer looking for a specialised Personal Assistant recruitment agency that will represent you proficiently in sourcing a candidate that will make a difference in your business?

At MJD Recruitment, we are a professional specialist recruitment agency in Australia with dedicated offices in Sydney and Melbourne who effectively recruit for and assist job seeking Personal Assistants across the country. With 60 years of combined experience recruiting PA’s we understand just how much value the right PA can add to your business. We are proud of our incredible network of career minded Personal Assistants, from entry level to senior positions. Over 90% of our roles are filled via our incredible networks, who grow our connections with superstar referrals too.

Recruiting the role of the Personal Assistant (PA) requires particular focus on emotional intelligence (EQ) as well as intelligence quotient (IQ). This ensures that the right ‘fit’ is found, not just the right skillset, resulting in a better match for the employer and the employee. The MJD Recruitment know that when Personal Assistant recruitment is managed with care for ‘fit’ and skill, it results in greater longevity and stronger productivity.

Many of our highly experienced Consultants continue to choose a specialisation in office support and personal assistant recruitment because they understand just how business critical these roles are. The right support staff provide a level of comfort to their teams that allows focus on more strategic matters.

What We Know About Personal Assistant Recruitment

When office support roles are treated as business critical and given the respect that they deserve throughout the hiring process it can make a significant difference to the end result.

For Clients

Looking to Hire a Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants need to be highly adaptable and eager to perform both the stimulating and everyday tasks with the same energy, motivation & efficiency.

For Candidates

Seeking Personal Assistant Jobs in Australia

Working alongside a Personal Assistant, supporting them with a matter as important as their career, is a genuine privilege and one that we take seriously – but we also endeavour to ensure that there is an element of enjoyment in the process too!

We have long standing relationships with employer of choice style organisations and can share with you an intimate knowledge as to why they might be the right fit for you. We are known for our confidential and proactive introductions on behalf of our PA candidates, we don’t wait around for a role to be called in, we professionally source suitable opportunities with existing & new prospects.

Our PA networks are first to hear about new opportunities before they go to advertising stage, keeping our valued candidates ahead of competition.

We hold a number of exclusive events for our PA network to help strengthen our relationships and understanding of who you are. These range from informative or educational to fun and interactive and help you to strengthen your networks also.

What We Understand About PA’s

Personal Assistants are detail orientated individuals who like to be represented by an agency with the same precision and care that they demonstrate in the workplace.
Exceptional personal assistants are hard to come by, and finding recruits who not only are capable of getting the job done but who also share the same passion for your industry is no easy feat. At MJD Recruitment, we have an extensive candidate database and dedicate their time and expertise to helping commercial businesses with their PA recruitment in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.

But while we assist with your personal assistant recruitment, you can employ some other techniques in the meantime. One of which is working on further marketing of company culture.

How Promoting Company Culture Can Help You Hire The Best Personal Assistant

Expanding company culture beyond the walls of your business is a surefire way to attract potential employees. At MJD Recruitment, we work with professional firms across the East Coast to help them find the perfect private personal assistant in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Promoting a culture that is clear and reflective of your company’s business objectives and values attracts like-minded individuals, which means less time sorting through applications and candidates who don’t quite fit with what you are looking for.

In addition, being open about your organisation’s workplace culture assists candidates in mapping their career objectives. If they like what they see, they are more likely to stay with the company, remaining eager to learn and becoming an integral part of the team. At MJD Recruitment, we advertise personal assistant jobs in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, allowing our candidates to nominate employers of choice. When candidates recognise company culture, they are more likely to understand who and what they want out of an organisation. So if your business objectives align with theirs, you might find yourself recruiting the perfect PA.

Set challenging yet attainable goals and deadlines.

Having something to work towards will motivate your personal assistant and encourage them to further develop their time management skills.

Foster networking and collaboration where possible.

You want your PA to build relationships with other staff members so they can communicate with them confidently and promptly.

Provide constructive feedback.

Correct errors right away and provide them with the right tools to do the job correctly.

Clearly outline what you expect from them.

This helps your PA start achieving their goals as soon as possible by outlining for them the duties of a personal assistant.

Encourage forward-thinking.

Nobody is a mind reader, but encouraging your personal assistant to utilise forward-thinking leaves little room for errors and increases productivity in the workplace.

Provide opportunities for professional growth.

Upskilling increases your personal assistant’s level of competency, resulting in them becoming more efficient at work.

Be flexible where you can.

Being flexible builds trust between employees and employers

Encourage innovation.

Being open to any ideas your pa might have can help them to feel valued at work.

Conduct regular performance reviews.

This is an excellent opportunity to let your PA know how they are performing at work. In addition, these meetings will allow you to revisit goals and employee expectations, providing clear objectives and direction for the future.

Acknowledge a job well done.

Letting your PA know when they have done a great job motivates them to be more productive in the workplace.

How Working As A Personal Assistant Can Jumpstart Your Corporate Career

Are you a private personal assistant in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane looking to move up the corporate ladder? Then, you’ve come to the right place. The team at MJD Recruitment has been in the recruitment industry for several years and, since then, have witnessed several candidates make leaps and bounds to kickstart their career. If you are looking to do the same but are not quite sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Consider the tips and tricks below to begin smashing your career goals.

If You Need Help With Personal Assistant Recruitment In Sydney, Brisbane, Or Melbourne, MJD Recruitment Are Here To Help

At MJD Recruitment, we have over 60 years of experience in recruitment. We take great pride in our role as a genuine partner to prestigious organisations throughout Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, providing them with the highest quality referrals and recruits for their vacant positions. Likewise, we make sure our candidates feel valued and supported in their journey to find the position that allows them to flourish.

So if you’re looking for personal assistant jobs in Melbourne or need help with PA recruitment in Sydney, MJD can help you make the right connections. Contact us today.

What Sets Us Apart When It Comes To Finding Personal Assistant Jobs In Brisbane

Whether you have been searching for personal assistants jobs in Brisbane or are looking to fill a personal assistant job role in Brisbane, we are the recruitment agency for you. Finding the perfect personal assistant’s job is easier with a recruitment agency scouting the right company for you. Personal assistants possess unique personality traits, such as being adaptable, efficient, and motivated.

With our recruitment agency, we ensure you as our candidate are the first to hear about new job opportunities before they are advertised to the public. We make certain that you are put at an advantage through your application process.

Benefits of Using Office Support Recruitment Agencies in Brisbane

As a company, it’s incredibly beneficial to work with a PA recruitment agency in Brisbane to ensure you hire a PA that is right for your team. We establish from the beginning which candidates would be ideal for which companies via the interview process, applications, and screening stages. Our clients provide us with an extensive list of what they are looking for in an employee, and we aim to find the candidate that would best fit within that environment.

Other benefits from an employee and business owners perspective include:

Why Trust MJD Recruitment When Hiring A Private Personal Assistant in Brisbane?

At MJD Recruitment, we take pride in our clients and candidates and work hard towards providing the best outcome for both parties. Our team of trusted experts is very knowledgeable in what makes for a great personal assistant and will only send employers applications of the highest quality that meets detailed criteria.

We work with businesses on job opportunities such as assistants, legal, managers, and office support roles. With our knowledge in the industry combined with our rigorous applicant process, all employers are sure to be satisfied with their potential employees.

If You Need Assistance From A Recruitment Agency In Australia, MJD Recruitment Can Help

At MJD Recruitment, we have over 60 years of experience in recruitment. We take great pride in our role as a genuine partner to prestigious organisations throughout Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, providing them with the highest quality referrals and recruits for their vacant positions. Likewise, we make sure our candidates feel valued and supported in their journey to find the position that allows them to flourish. So whether you’re looking for new employment opportunities through a recruitment agency or additional specialist recruitment services, MJD Recruitment can help you make the right connections.
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