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Looking for that elusive ‘perfect fit’ candidate for your available job vacancy? It’s possible with MJD Recruitment. Sourcing the best Executive Assistant or
C-Suite support talent across Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane and 80+ years of expertise.

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Hire Executive Support Staff That You Can Retain Long Term

Don’t let a wrong hire hinder your business goals or progress.
In today’s fast-paced business landscape, having the right Executive Assistant by your side can be the key to unlocking a 40% surge in productivity. Yet, sourcing and attracting such high-caliber talent – who are often deeply engaged in their current roles – can be a formidable challenge. Get access to an extensive network and unparalleled connections within the EA industry. Elevate your productivity and efficiency with an Executive Assistant who is poised to make a transformative impact. Get matched with top-tier administrative talent when you partner with the team at MJD Recruitment and secure the strategic advantage your business deserves.

Hiring, Made Simple

How can our streamlined recruitment process maximise efficiency for you and your team?
Save time and resources with our simple 3-step process:



After ensuring that we are the right fit provider for you, as well as learning more about your goals and hiring requirements, your dedicated MJD Recruitment Specialist Consultant will brief you on our process.



We dive into our extensive candidate networks across multiple channels to approach, screen, interview, assess both soft and hard skills and reference check ensuring you only view the best options for selection.



We coordinate interviews & feedback from both parties, handle offer or contract negotiations and post placement care, support and advice for clients and candidates.

Make Office Support Recruitment Work For You

When you’re looking for a recruitment advisor you can trust why not consider Australia’s leading specialist office support recruitment agency. Our purpose is to network and unearth high value office support staff with the goal of connecting you with the best high value talent, ensuring your team can grow and achieve their goals.


A 100% success rate when working on exclusive assignments proves our process is all about finding the best quality talent, not the easiest to find.

Long Term

Long Term

Our independent and Google reviews prove our commitment to recruitment service excellence and building long term, trusting relationships as expert thought leaders.



A primary concern about recruitment is time, it takes away from your business as usual activities, as specialists we can resolve this for you.

What Our Clients Say

The one on one dynamic or ‘fit’ between an Executive and their Assistant is crucial. Understanding how to recruit with this in mind is essential, that’s why a specialised recruitment agency is your key to finding you the ‘best of the best’ in the marketplace.

Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Your next role is filled.

At MJD Recruitment we have over 80 years of expertise. We take great pride in having genuine business partnerships with prestigious organisations across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Providing high quality recruitment solutions and sourcing exceptional talent for vacant positions is our core focus. Likewise, we ensure candidates feel valued and supported in their journey to find a job opportunity that will allow them to flourish. So if you’re looking for a specialist office support recruitment agency we can help.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Executive Assistant Recruitment process take?
At MJD Recruitment, we recognise the urgency in securing the ideal Executive Assistant for your business. Time is more often than not a primary reason for engaging a recruitment agency, so efficiency is our top priority. When we kick off an assignment, our Consultants and Talent Coordinators collaborate diligently, leveraging our extensive networks, cutting-edge technical resources, and well-connected database to deliver prompt results. In most cases, we’re able to provide outcomes within a 2-3 week timeframe, and sometimes even within days.

Require someone urgently? Why not consider a temporary candidate in the interim, while we accelerate our search for the perfect permanent match? Our temp team is prepared to step in at a moment’s notice. An additional advantage is that you can occasionally assess their fit before making a commitment. We can’t emphasise enough how frequently our temporary candidates are extended permanent opportunities, ranging from Reception roles all the way up to Executive Assistant and CEO positions.
What process does MJD Recruitment use to match the perfect candidate with client?
At MJD Recruitment, we want to connect you with the Executive Assistant that meets your needs, and we have fine-tuned a detailed process to make sure we put only the right people forward for consideration. The more specific you are in both your job description and our briefing meeting, the easier it is to match you with the right candidate. We aim to source people with the right skillset for the role, as well as the right ‘fit’ ’for your organisation. Fit means finding someone that suits your workplace culture with the right motivations for being and wanting to stay there.

1. We search our extensive networks of candidates across multiple channels including LinkedIn, Seek and our own exclusive database. Some of these candidates are active in the market and some are passive, asking us to contact them only with very specific job opportunities.

2. Our team of Consultants and Talent Coordinators liaise and nurture relationships with these individuals daily and are across the best of the best talent in the office support market and exactly what is attracting them to be open to a move. As the largest specialist office support recruitment agency in Australia you can be assured that our networks are unrivalled and extensive

3. We also place advertisements on multiple channels to ensure that we are attracting anybody new in the market that might be interested. Our networks are attracted to our advertisements as they know the calibre of clients that we work with and quality of job opportunities that we seek to represent them to

4. Our referral program has us reaching out to high quality networks in similar positions who are well connected and ensure that your job opportunity is seen by an even wider audience

5. Once our screening process is complete we conduct interviews using the behavioural based interviewing technique, allowing us to assess talent by considering past experiences to predict likely future behaviour and competency in your role. Our reference checks are conducted in a similar manner cross referencing details discussed at interview.
What should I look for in the best Recruitment Agency?
Are you an employer looking for a recruitment agency that will represent you proficiently in sourcing an Executive Assistant that will make a genuine difference in your support function?

The first thing to consider is if the recruitment agency is a specialist in the sector that you are recruiting within, its all about who you know in recruitment, as well as what you know about how they are driven to perform.

Recruiting the role of Executive Assistant requires particular focus on ensuring that the candidate has the right motivators for each individual role, as well as the right fit for the culture and team they will be supporting. The MJD Recruitment team are trained to know that when office support recruitment is managed with care for fit as well as skillset, its results in greater longevity and stronger productivity. Our Consultants have strong business acumen and have a continuous learning program that ensures they can add value as advisors to your business, not just fill vacancies. They are industry specialists who can advise on things like salary, market trends, competitors, employee value propositions that attract high quality talent, interview techniques, handling counter offers and what it takes to win over a candidate at interview.

A brand representative. Remember once you hand your vacancy over to a recruitment agency they become the first representative of your brand. Consider the way that they represent themselves and if this is reflective in the way you want your candidates to view your organisation. Are they professional, knowledgeable, influential, well connected and savvy? What are their google or independent reviews saying about their service, their professionalism and their genuine care factor for the recruitment process?

Finally, remember that working exclusively with an agency unlocks multiple advantages. When you work with MJD Recruitment exclusively we are able to dedicate a stronger focus on a quality process rather than a quick one, the candidate experience is better as they like working with agencies who have strong business partnerships with their clients, you have control over your brand representation and information about your business going out to the market and it makes it possible for us to reduced our fee.

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