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Want to know our top 5 recruiting tips for improving the effectiveness of the interview process? Interviewing candidates to find the perfect person for any given job is never an easy task. With more companies now needing to conduct the process remotely via video, a new layer of complication has been added to the mix.

It is still possible to identify and hire quality applicants if employers follow these five tips for improving the effectiveness of the interview process.

1. Accurately Update Position Descriptions

When was the last time you evaluated and updated the position description for this role? Job seekers depend on accurate job descriptions that outline key tasks, skill sets required, desired education levels and the ideal fit for the culture when deciding if the position is a good fit. 

Many employees who commence in a new role and leave within the first 3 months often make comment that the role they were doing was very different to the role outlined in the job description that was discussed. When job seekers understand the accurate responsibilities associated with the role, they are more likely to be successful in the role long term, saving you the pain of a re recruit and the cultural and costly fall out that a wrong hire can create.  

The best way to recruit staff is to ensure the position description is written well. If it is vague, it increases the risk of an influx of applications from unqualified candidates. A great tip is to get a second opinion once you have completed the job description, fresh eyes from someone else that knows the role can confirm that it is accurate. The Manager that is responsible for the new employee needs to be 100% happy with the job description. Sometimes HR are the ones that write the document, but do they really know the job? If not challenge them and ask to have it reviewed – its more important than you think. 

2. Practice Self-Awareness

Mangers have specific styles. It makes sense to attract the kind of employees who thrive under their methods and guidance. Seek advice from peers about your specific management style. Ask for input on which kinds of employees with which your style is most compatible. Companies with Human Resources departments can ask their HR managers to play a role in this part of improving the interview process. One of our best recruiter tips and tricks is to talk to people that have worked in this specific role for your previously, as they have first hand knowlege of how you manage this role.

3. Develop Behavioural-Based Interview Guides – and use them!

There is a marked difference between an on-paper candidate and an in-person candidate. How skills translate to on-the-job performance is important. Developing a behavioural-based interview guide is a great recruiting tip that can help predict future conduct of interviewees. Do not be blinded by dazzling interview performances from job seekers. Make candidates prove their capabilities.

4. Establish Motivators

There are generally seven main motivators that attract or keep quality employees in their roles: salary, work-life balance, culture, location, career progression, stability, and the direct manager. Which of these are important to the candidate you are interviewing and does your business possess these particular ones for this role? It is imperative to understand that some candidates are driven by salary, while others may prioritise a position that allows for greater work-life balance or a particular management style. Why would somebody want to work in this role – what does it truly offer?

5. Forgo Formality

A lot has changed in recent months. How hiring managers conduct interviews are among those modifications. Video interviews have somewhat helped eliminate the formal look and feel of the interview process, which can be a positive thing in many cases. Forgoing the usual formality of the interview process will encourage candidates to let their personalities shine and this is when you get to understand more about their suitability. 

Being a little more relaxed in the way that you present as an interviewer does not mean that you have to lower high standards in relation to professionalism. Its just about being more personable, rather than formal, to encourage a more open and honest flow of communication.  

We know times are stressful and there is even more pressure than ever on hiring managers to make the right choice if a hire is approved. This is why we think that the best way to recruit staff is to take a step back and think about how you could improve on the process. Following these five recruiting tips and tricks for finding the right fit for your role.

If you require any further guidance or advice or have any questions please contact the MJD team on 02 8042 1840.

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